‘Own your health’ with Hylid Diagnostics

Hylid Diagnostics (HyliDx) will improve the lives of millions of people with kidney disease and heart failure, saving healthcare systems thousands of dollars per patient each year

The problem: A vicious and costly cycle of chronic disease

The total US Healthcare cost of the three related diseases in the image—comprising CardioRenal Metabolic Syndrome—is $388 billion

Diabetes costs and outcomes have improved with internet-connected home blood tests and remote care

However, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and heart failure (HF) still suffer from:

  • High and growing costs (> diabetes), largely due to unnecessary hospitalization
  • Poor outcomes—low quality of life and productivity, high mortality
  • No effective home testing or remote care capability

    The solution: HyliDx home testing and remote care platform

    • Simple, lab-accurate blood tests for chronic disease monitoring
    • Test results within 5 min from a small, finger-prick sample of blood
    • Results immediately uploaded, via our HyliDx eHealth patient app, to electronic medical records and remote caregivers
    • Patients and caregivers can communicate, by messaging or virtual visit, to enhance patient engagement in therapy
    • HyliDx Cloud AI flags abnormal data or trends, and eventually predicts and helps avoid complications/hospitalizations

    Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Heart Failure (HF) in numbers:

    Sufferers in US, Canada, and Europe

    Total treatment cost

    The use: Main applications of the HyliDx system

    Patients with advanced CKD

    • To delay onset of costly kidney failure, particularly in remote areas
    • 20-25M in North America and Europe

    Patients on dialysis

    • More than 1M on dialysis in NA, EU
    • Dialysis patients need routine monitoring, which is especially difficult with home dialysis

    Doctors' offices

    • To save existing CKD and HF patients extra travel to a blood lab prior to their appointments, and to improve early-CKD diagnosis rates (allowing more time for treatment)

    High-risk CKD/HF patients at any stage

    • For medication dosing/monitoring, and for vulnerable patients on release from hospital to avoid costly readmission

    The opportunity

    $50B in cost savings

    In the US and Canada alone, HyliDx can save healthcare more than $50B in treatment costs

    Outstanding team and tech

    We have a highly-qualified and experienced senior team (see below), several clinical and business advisors, and a working prototype

    Improved patient outcomes

    With the HyliDx system at home, patients can keep themselves healthier and slow disease progression

    HyliDx Executive Team

    (click images for bios)

    Jack Fairbank, CEO

    Past: Senior Key Expert, Siemens Healthineers

    Navin Dewagan, CIO

    Past: Director of Digital Health and Software, Fresenius Medical

    Marius Ivan, Director of Sensor Design

    Past: Senior Research Scientist, Philips Research


    Sape de Vries, Director of Cartridge Design

    Past: Director of Engineering, Siemens Healthineers

    Marco Witteveen, Director of Strategy & BD

    Past: International Director of Sales & Marketing, Alere


    Seppo Makinen, Business Advisor

    12 Exits and over 40 Board Memberships in international Diagnostics and Life Sciences companies

    Dr Erika Bariciak, Clinical Advisor

    Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University

    Robert Fraatz, Technical Advisor

    Helped lead the development of the OPTI blood analyzer—instrument and sensors—from concept to launch, then acquisition by Roche

    Dr Alp Sener, Clinical Advisor (Canada)

    Chair and city-wide Chief of Urology and Director of the Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Fellowship Program at the University of Western Ontario

    Dr Saif Muhsin, Clinical Advisor (US)

    Transplant Nephrologist and Co-Director of Kidney Disease Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University, USA

    Dr Amir Bhanji, Clinical Advisor (UK)

    Care Group Director for Renal and Transplantation, and Lead for Hemodialysis Program, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

    HyliDx also has contract Regulatory Advisors who are experts in FDA, EU, Health Canada, and UK medical device regulations, as well as ISO 13485 and QMS requirements (for which they are expert auditors)

    Karim Galzahr, Board Member

    Principal, OKG Capital. 30 years of experience in finance including M&A, asset management, corporate development, and strategic advisory work across the technology sector in general and the medical technology area in particular.


    Contact HyliDx

    Hylid Diagnostics Inc. (HyliDx)

    5310 Canotek Road, Unit 28F, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9N5, CANADA

    Phone:  +1 613 686 3900

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